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Emergency Services

If you are on this page then you probably live in the greater North Bay region and your pet is in trouble. If your pet needs emergency medical attention then call (705) 476-8080 right away.

If you know your pet is not well but you are unsure if they require emergency medical care then look at some of the warning signs below or call us to describe the symptoms. This list only mentions some of the most common symptoms – when in doubt it is always better to take proactive measures to ensure the health of your pet.

Signs your pet needs emergency medical care

Bleeding: if your cat or dog is bleeding enough that a bandage or pressure should be applied then contact us ASAP. If the cut is small and produces only a little blood then keep an eye on it to see if it becomes infected. If your pet is bleeding any amount of blood from the ears or eyes, see a veterinarian right away.

Breathing problem: if your pet is wheezing or has labored breathing you should contact an animal health specialist. Sometimes it may just be a relatively mild asthmatic attack but labored breathing is also a sign of severe asthma, a problem with the heart or lungs, or a very serious allergic reaction.

Diarrhea or vomiting: if your pet has had either of these more than once in an hour or more than 3-4 times in a day then call a professional. Inspect the waste for blood, as this can be a warning sign of severe internal complications.

Loss of consciousness or collapse: this can be a symptom of several very serious medical issues. Seek help immediately.

Stomach pain: if your pet is pawing at their abdomen, shies away from having its belly rubbed or crouches instead of sitting in a normal position then they could be suffering from internal bleeding, a urinary tract infection, organ disease, or a blockage. Blockages can rapidly become life threatening for cats. If they go to the litter box, cry, and produce little to no urine then contact your local North Bay vet.

Blue, white or pale gums: this shows that the cat or dog is not breathing properly and is not getting enough oxygen.

Feel free to call Bay City Animal Hospital with any concerns you may have if you believe that your pet is experiencing any medical concerns.